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Candidates for Student Union Elections 2015 / 2016
by Sam Harding - Friday, 20 March 2015, 09:15 AM

It is the time of year where we start looking for promising learners to take part in the Student Union Elections, and for you to put yourself forward as candidate for the Executive Committee posts available in 2015 / 2016.

As the Student Union continues to grow and develop we look for students who want to actively take part in college life, and get involved in shaping the student experience. We would like to receive candidate nominations from different students on all levels and course areas.

We have five  positions available, but please note that the Societies Officer role has several parts and can be split. This year, we have had a Sports Societies and Support Societies Officer in the Student Union and both have been extremely effective. We have scope in that the Society Officer role to further recruit positions such as “Sustainability Officer” and “LGBT Officer”, as well as the existing positions.

I would like to have a think about putting yourself forward. Although the positions are extremely important to the college and the student body, we also have training and support packages for you to take advantage of whilst you are in your post. This can be, and is not limited to – trips away at conferences, skills courses and internal training. You of course, have the Learner Engagement Team on hand throughout the whole time you are in post as a member, to help and guide you through the role.

Elections take place soon after the half term (5th - 8th May 2015) and I hope that you will all take part in electing a suitable committee for the next academic year.

For further information, feel free to drop in or pick up an application form from Sam Harding in the Learner Engagement Office in the Support Shop.

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