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Logging an IT fault
by Ian Ward - Wednesday, 18 March 2015, 11:55 AM

Staff do not always pass on information about PCs\Macs\Software not working correctly.

Students can now log IT faults themselves in the same way that staff do.

There is an icon on all PC toolbars (not available on macs), highlighted in red below. click it.

 Image 1

A new program will load, make a note of the PC name shown. Check it is set to log a call via the portal and then click the "log call" button.

image 2

Put in your windows username and password - this is to stop someone logging a call under your name if you leave the PC unattended.

iamge 3

Click the Requests tab as highlighted below and then click "new issue"

image 4

On the next screen say which room you are in and what the problem is, remembering to specify the PC name you noted earlier. Click Add Request.

image 5

The technician who gets the call will contact you via your college email address if more info is needed and notify you when the issue is resolved.

Abusive calls will be dealt with under the disciplinary policy. If you log fake\waste of time calls please think about who controls your access to the internet and the PCs....

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